Chemical or Behavioral Dependance

Dependance is “a compulsive need for something that interferes with daily activities.” It’s not just drugs or alcohol issues there are many different types of compulsions. Some people may struggle with alcohol, while others might struggle with food, gambling, sex, gaming, shopping, workaholism, etc. Studies show that most experience at least one other type of compulsion before developing their primary substance problem.

Our professional counselors understand that clients come to therapy with different needs and concerns. Therefore, we offer customized programs designed specifically for each client. This means you won’t receive the same treatment as another client. Instead, you will get the kind of care that best suits your needs.


Everyone experiences some amount of stress. Your work demands a lot, your schedule is always full, and you try and spend time with those you love. But normal stress can turn into anxiety, and that can become overwhelm and panic attacks. All of that stress and anxiety can eventually lead to problems big enough to interfere with your everyday life. We help you identify solutions to relieve stress and anxiety that are specific to your personal situation.


People coping with depression often benefit from individual therapy. We know that depression often starts with negative thoughts, whether you notice them or not right now. Those thoughts then affect your mood and your actions. It ends up being a recurring cycle that spirals out of control to the point of constant negative thoughts and stopping activities that you used to enjoy. Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the gold standard treatments of depression, we help you to break that cycle. We begin by helping you to notice your thoughts. Often times, just being aware that you are having thoughts that aren’t necessarily true can help you to feel better. Once you are aware of those thoughts, you can choose how to react to them.


Trauma counseling helps people who have experienced abuse, sexual assault, or any other major event that affects their sense of safety and happiness. Akin to trauma counseling is addressing grief and loss because, for most, the experience of a significant loss such as losing a loved one can be complicated and traumatic. As highly-respected trauma and grief counseling professionals, Oasis Counseling is here to help you recover.

Relationship Issues

We often feel like relationships should be easy. That once you commit to the relationship or get married you start your “happily ever after.” Unfortunately, those expectations don’t match up to reality and often make it hard to work as a team in navigating the bumpy road that is life. Those expectations more often lead to disappointment and resentment than a fairytale ending. The truth is that even the best relationships take time and effort to succeed. Relationships need care and nurturing to thrive. Without being prioritized by both partners, it’s easy to drift apart without even realizing it. That drifting leads to a disconnection that means escalating tensions, hurt feelings, loneliness, and in some cases, infidelity.

Our counselors are trained in marital and couples relationships and specialize in helping partners heal their relationships. We will help you to identify your reasons for seeking couples therapy, identify your love language, learn what brought problems into the relationship in the first place, help to communicate effectively instead of negatively, and use exercises to re-connect.  It is understood that couples may strengthen their relationships and stay together or they may decide to separate at the end.  If it is the latter, we facilitate a positive way of doing this.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR Therapy has been researched extensively and has proven highly effective for the treatment of those suffering from the effects of a prior trauma. Beyond that, it has been found to alleviate symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and grief. EMDR therapy can even be beneficial in managing performance anxiety. The American Psychological Association recommends EMDR therapy for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Narcissism is not just having a big head. It warps your perception of one’s self, and sets you up for disappointment when you do not meet your own standards. It drives away those around you because of your arrogance and manipulative behavior. At Oasis Counseling we have the most effective therapies to help both the narcissistic offender and those in relationship with them. 

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